Schuurman Shoestore, The Netherlands 

A larger stock on the same surface. Thanks to the mobile storage system of Bruynzeel, Schuurman Schoenen in the Netherlands has to sell customers ‘no’ much less often. That benefits the turnover. The shoes are sold in the shop, with which the money is earned. But the warehouse below is the engine that drives the sales process. The bigger the warehouse stock, the more often the sellers can meet the wishes of the customers, the more shoes are sold.

from six aisles to one

That is why branch manager Mark Engelkens of Schuurman Schoenen is so satisfied with the storage system that Bruynzeel installed in the shoe store’s warehouse. Instead of six aisles, there is now only one. “We can store 7,000 pairs of shoes in our renovated warehouse and 3,500 pairs in our old shelving units. As a result, the number of “no” sales has fallen by half.” Due to the mobile double storage cupboards, the limited space downstairs is used much more efficiently. Instead of six aisles, there is now only one. The cabinets, which can be moved smoothly by hand via rails, can also be arranged flexibly and efficiently with their separate shelves, which further increases the storage capacity.


Quick delivery


Schuurman Schoenen started using a smart ticketing system simultaneously with the installation of the storage cabinets. The sellers in the store no longer have to go downstairs to look in the warehouse for the shoes that the customer asks for, but pass on their “order” to the two regular warehouse employees downstairs via a receipt. They know their way around the warehouse and can deliver the requested shoes quickly.



It does not only save a lot of time, so we can help our customers quicker and better, but it is also physical less intensive for our colleagues.

Mark Engelkens, Branch manager 


Fast installation

The mobile storage solution installed by Bruynzeel has been customized for Schuurman to avoid shoeboxes to slide during movement. Furthermore the energy efficient aisle lighting has been adjusted to optimize visibility of the bottom shelves. Installation of the storage solution took less than three days, where levelling the uneven floor took most time. “It went faster than expected ", says Engelkens. He is also very pleased with the way Bruynzeel dealt with some small ‘teething problems’: "They were always ready to find a solution at once."

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Works perfectly

Schuurman Schoenen is the first shoestore in the Netherlands where Bruynzeel installed their mobile storage solution. Branch manager Engelkens is fully satisfied. “The system works perfectly from day 1. That’s why other branches of Schuurman will probably follow. Schuurman Schoenen has 40 physical stores in the east of the Netherlands and an online store. The headquarter and central warehouse of the chain is based in Neede.  

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