Own Greens

Together with Own Greens, specialist in small indoor farming solutions, Bruynzeel has developed the PlantHome Pro which effortlessly grows baby leaves, herbs and other vegetables on site all year round. No green thumb needed!

The ideal small indoor farming solution

The PlantHome Pro is an indoor garden that has three layers on which multiple containers can be placed. On each layer, you can grow up to 30 small herbal plants, 6 large lettuce heads or 2 larger containers with leafy greens/microgreens. Above each layer there’s a lamp that ensures that the plants will have enough light to grow. The PlantHome Pro can also be equipped with a mesh screen that prevents insects from entering the system. 


easy to use

The screen is easily removed for cleaning, because it’s held in place by magnets. The cabinet can easily be opened by two doors in the front. Each layer is extractable, at the bottom is a drawer for storage of spare supplies needed for the growth process. The doors and sides are covered with smoke acrylic glass, this blocks any unwanted light.

Bruynzeel’s knowledge and experience in designing smart storage systems has taken our PlantHome Pro to the next leve.l in both functionality and comfort for the user.

Lennart Bijl, owner OwnGreens 


Grow your own food

The PlantHome Pro is the perfect solution for consumers & restaurants who want to take growing their own foods to the next level. The system offers enough space to grow a large part of your vegetables and herbs yourself and thus to more and more regain the ownership over your food. Currently, the PlantHome Pro is featured at the Floriade, the international horticulture exhibition that takes place in Almere, the Netherlands and is open daily until October 9th, 2022. 

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