National Dental Service

National Dental Service, Sweden 

Although the storage room area remained the same, capacity for storage increased by almost 30 per cent, thanks to the use of tailored storage solutions supplied by Bruynzeel. This increase in capacity was essential, as the clinic now provides eight treatment rooms – as opposed to five in the old building – resulting in an increase in the number of items to be stored.

High-density customized storage

The clinic’s old-fashioned racking and shelving has been replaced with modern shelves and high-density flexible storage. The storage consists of drawers with internal dividers to accommodate stock of all shapes and sizes, with shelving above. If there is a requirement to keep medicines cold, the system can be designed to incorporate a cooling system. In this clinic, a cabinet with a security code and lock has been supplied to house-controlled substances.

Flexible solution 

Staff at Bunkeflostrand are happy with the storage solution, reporting that it is more efficient, can hold more materials and offers them a clearer overview of stock. Drawers adapted for medical cards have dividers to keep cards in place. These drawers angle towards the floor when they are fully extended to give a clearer view of the contents, even at shoulder height. Dividers are available to fit both shallow and deep drawers and are easy to move to match the materials being stored. This makes the storage extremely flexible and adaptable. 


National Dentist Serivce

improved working environment

Compared with the wall-mounted cantilever shelving in the old clinic, the functionality and capacity of the new system is significantly improved. The smart steel shelving provides a structured and orderly system, which saves time for staff, looks great and helps create a pleasant and well-planned work environment.

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